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July 11, 2008



I have my fingers crossed for the house closing! You'll be able to wear your new sweater with all kinds of stuff (cute dresses, long t-shirts, maybe a tunic that is fitted in the top)! Stellar knit.


Oh, she's just adorable--and so is the sweater! Lots of luck with your move.


Hi, good luck with your move and the closing. Sounds like life is treating you well. Ladybug is adorable! Like your FO, I could never wear something like that, but it's cute on you.


Best wishes to you all on the move! Your Shorty looks great!


Ladybug is so cute, and I love your Shetland Shorty. Good luck on the move!


Your Shetland Shorty looks so cute! I love the colour of the yarn too. Ladybug is so adorable! Good luck on the house closing and the move.

Oh, I added you as a friend on Ravelry as well. Hope you don't mind.


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You'll be able to wear your new sweater with all kinds of stuff.

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